A blue 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan drives along a bright highway under the control of a focused man.

When will the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan be available in the Boston area?

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Release Date and Changes

Fans of the Tiguan have been eagerly awaiting its 2020 release, and we’ve been right there with them. When considering such a capable, stylish compact SUV, it’s hard to imagine what VW could improve. Customers are always asking, “When can we see for ourselves? When will the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan finally be available to purchase or lease near Boston?” Read the rest of this entry >>

A wooden table is laid out with a plethora of Thanksgiving dishes. White text in the middle reads, "Happy Thanksgiving."

What restaurants are open for Thanksgiving 2019 in the Braintree, MA area?

Eat out for Thanksgiving Dinner in and around Braintree, MA

If you’re of the opinion that Thanksgiving should be about eating rather than cooking, then going out for Thanksgiving dinner might be the solution you need. Here in the greater Boston area, there are plenty of restaurants that serve special Thanksgiving dinners for those who would care to spend more time indulging and less prepping.

In addition to the traditional turkey offerings, many of the eateries in and around Brainerd also offer Thanksgiving seafood selections (as may be expected in our corner of the planet). What are the top places to check out for Thanksgiving Dinner near Braintree, MA? Read the rest of this entry >>

Dashboard gauges in Volkswagen vehicle with Adaptive Cruise Control engaged

Understanding and Using Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control

How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control in 2019 Volkswagen Passat

If you’ve recently purchased a 2019 Volkswagen Passat SE R-Line you might be curious to find out how exactly the Adaptive Cruise Control system works. This guide from Quirk VW is going to dive into what exactly Volkswagen Adaptive Cruise Control is and how to use it to help you cruise with ease out on the open road. Keep reading to learn all about Adaptive Cruise Control. Read the rest of this entry >>

Interior view of Volkswagen Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf GTI Interior Design Origin

Why Does the Volkswagen Golf GTI Have Plaid Seats?

For anyone who is familiar with the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the most notable aspect of its design is its eye-catching plaid interior. What started off as a design choice has developed into a worldwide symbol among automotive enthusiasts. But why exactly does the Volkswagen Golf GTI have plaid seats? This guide is here to give you all the answers. Read the rest of this entry >>

Closeup of Tiguan SEL badging on 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

2019 Volkswagen Tiguan SE vs SL

What’s Different Between the 2019 VW Tiguan SE and Tiguan SEL?

When shopping for your next vehicle, it can be difficult to determine which trim level will deliver everything you’re looking for. Juggling details between two trims can be tricky, and narrowing down which one is the perfect fit can take some time. That is why we at Quirk Volkswagen have put together this 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan trim level comparison to help you understand what’s different between the 2019 VW Tiguan SE and Tiguan SEL. Keep reading to learn more. Read the rest of this entry >>

Side view of a blue 2019 VW Jetta

Photo Gallery of Exterior Colors for New Jetta

Color Options for the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta 

One of the most popular models in the entire Volkswagen model, the Jetta continues to offer great performance for a great price for 2019. While the sedan is often known for its style, efficiency and technology, drivers love having the opportunity to customize their vehicles. That’s why we wanted to highlight the available color options for the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. 

Read the rest of this entry >>


Which Volkswagen Golf models offer AWD?

VolksAll-wheel drive is a great feature for driving in snowy and rainy conditions since it distributes power to the front and rear wheels based on varying road conditions. Most SUVs offer AWD as an option, but some other vehicles do as well. What about the Volkswagen Golf lineup? Here are the Volkswagen Golf models that offer all-wheel drive. Read the rest of this entry >>


Does the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan have in-car Wi-Fi?

In this day and age, we’re all so used to staying on the grid even when we’re on the go. But what happens if you’re in the car and your phone has a weak cell signal? Fortunately, more and more vehicles are offering in-car Wi-Fi, so drivers and passengers can stay connected no matter where they go. But what about the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan? Does this popular midsize SUV offer in-car Wi-Fi? Read the rest of this entry >>