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Dine at the Top Three Restaurants in Braintree, MA!

What are the Best Restaurants in the Braintree, MA, Area?  

If you don’t want to eat home-cooked food for the day, it’s always a fun plan to go to dinner with your family. Braintree, MA, has quite a few excellent restaurants that offer delicious preparations and a fantastic dining experience. However, if you want to visit the best restaurants in town, Quirk Volkswagen has this blog post about the top three restaurants in the area. Let’s take a look!  

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Hundreds of Runners Laced Up to Eliminate the Stigma of Mental Illness and Addiction

Quincy, MA–Over 600 runners and walkers competed in the 48th Annual Stop the Stigma 5K road race, which was held April 30 at the Kennedy Center in N. Quincy.

“Stop the Stigma” 5K road race was organized by Interfaith Social Services to challenge stereotypes and eliminate the stigma of mental illness and addiction.

Quirk Auto Dealers was one of the main sponsors of this event and is fully committed to supporting Interfaith’s efforts to eliminate the stigma and also encourage treatment for those affected.

“Proceeds from the Stop the Stigma 5K help offset the cost of thousands of mental health counseling sessions each”, said event organizer, Paula Daniels, Director of Development, for Interfaith Social Services.

The organization is working hard to make counseling easily available to those seeking help. “To further break down barriers to receiving treatment, new clients to the New Directions Counseling Center receive their first four sessions free of charge. We want clients to focus on their health first,” said Interfaith’s Executive Director, Rick Doane.

Doan said many potential clients do not seek the treatment they need because they think that they will not qualify for the sliding-fee scale or are embarrassed to admit that they cannot afford it. “By providing these free sessions we allow them to focus on getting treatment first.”, said Doane.

To learn more, visit:

Media contacts: Rachel Victer

Office: 603-836-7521

Quirk Cars Helps Community
Quirk Cars Sponsors 5k

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Exploring the Top Pizza Places near Braintree, MA

What are the Top Places to Have Pizza in and around Braintree, MA?  

Many people have unique places that they love to go to and have a slice of pizza. Most of these pizzerias have been around for decades and are beloved by locals. Where do you get the best pizza? In this blog by Quirk Volkswagen, Braintree, MA, we will look at popular pizza places in the city and why their customers love them. These pizzerias offer something for everyone, including gluten-free pizzas, strombolis, vegan pizza, and more. Read ahead to learn more about it!  

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Top 5 Automotive Museums to Visit in the U.S.

Top 5 Automotive Museums in the U.S. 

If you are an automotive enthusiast and are passionate about cars, you will want to take some time to visit some of the best museums in the U.S. to revel in the rich history of the automobile. With many automotive museums in the U.S., picking the top 5 was not easy, but that is exactly what we were able to do. Keep reading to learn more about where you can find the top 5 automotive museums in the U.S. so you can plan your next trip to one of them to learn more about the history of the automobile. If you want to see how far the auto industry has come over the years, visit Quirk Volkswagen and take a new Volkswagen out for a test drive. 

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Museums and Art Galleries near Braintree, MA

Are museums in Massachusetts open?

Whether you like classic art or modern art, you will find many museums and art galleries near Braintree, MA. Due to the ongoing pandemic, museums and art galleries were closed for a long time. But for the summer of 2021, you can start visiting museums again! Many customers at our dealership are curious to know if museums in Massachusetts are open or not. If you are also intrigued by that question, keep reading, as our team at Quirk Volkswagen listed the top 10 museums that you can visit in the summer of 2021.

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Where can I find discounts on cars for college grads in Braintree, MA?

College Graduation Discounts on Vehicles in Braintree, MA

College degrees are expensive, so once you get one, it’s fair to milk it for everything it’s worth. One way to make yourself feel slightly better about astronomical education costs is by taking advantage of the random discounts that are only available to college graduates.

Now that you’ve graduated, you may find yourself in need of a car. Modern America is built for the automobile, and life without one can be a challenge (though not impossible). Where can you find graduate discounts on new cars in Braintree, MA? Read the rest of this entry >>

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Holiday Season 2019 Events in Braintree, MA

The holiday season is here, which means events are going down that don’t take place at any other time of year. While that is, in a way, true of every moment of human existence, the holiday season is unique in that people take greater notice of these “tangible” special events.

To help you enjoy some of these occurrences, we’ve compiled a few of the more unique happenings going down in our city this year. Read on for our top suggestions for how to make memories during the 2019 holiday season in Braintree, MA.

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What restaurants are open for Thanksgiving 2019 in the Braintree, MA area?

Eat out for Thanksgiving Dinner in and around Braintree, MA

If you’re of the opinion that Thanksgiving should be about eating rather than cooking, then going out for Thanksgiving dinner might be the solution you need. Here in the greater Boston area, there are plenty of restaurants that serve special Thanksgiving dinners for those who would care to spend more time indulging and less prepping.

In addition to the traditional turkey offerings, many of the eateries in and around Brainerd also offer Thanksgiving seafood selections (as may be expected in our corner of the planet). What are the top places to check out for Thanksgiving Dinner near Braintree, MA? Read the rest of this entry >>