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Car Battery Maintenance


We all know the headaches a simple car battery can cause. I’m sure you have more than one story about being stranded because of a dead battery or needed to ask someone for a jump start. We have all been there and it is not where we want to be that’s why it is important to be able to properly care for your car battery. There are a number of things to consider when thinking about the life of your battery. Luckily we have put a list together of those things to keep you safely cruising down the road.
  1. The biggest contributing factor to a failing battery is leaving your vehicle’s lights on without it running. There is a great amount of draw without the vehicle running and will quickly drain your battery. Make sure to turn off all lights!
  2. Corrosion around the battery terminals can interrupt the connection to the charging system. If the terminals are not clean they may make a poor connection, and not keep the battery charged
  3. A weak or failing alternator can cause the battery to fail prematurely
  4. Not driving your vehicle frequently or driving short trips can result in the battery draining power and no holding a sufficient charge
  5. Extreme weather can also play a factor. Extreme cold or even hot can greatly impact the cranking amps of the battery
  6. Loose cables or connections can affect the electric current and possibly damage the battery
  7. Car Battery
person inserting air filter in a car

How bad can it get if you don’t replace the air filter?

What happens if you don’t change the air filters in your car?

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Why is my car leaking oil after an oil change?

Oil Leak After Oil Change

You’ve heard that getting an oil change is important. So you’ve done it. Things should be all good now, right? You’re a responsible car owner.

But suddenly you see a puddle of black fluid oozing out from under your car, into your garage and down the driveway. There’s a leak! Why would a vehicle leak oil after an oil change? Read the rest of this entry >>