Silver 2020 Volkswagen Passat driving down a slick highway.

2020 VW Passat in Braintree, MA

Those looking for a high-quality midsize car with an affordable price tag would do well to turn their gaze firmly upon the 2020 Volkswagen Passat. Buyers have the choice of six color options to adorn an exterior design that’s sure to get, as VW cleverly describes it, plenty of “up stares and down stares.”

The front fascia shines brightly thanks to LED projector headlights with LED Daytime Running Lights, while the back leaves an impression in its wake with its efficient and long-lasting LED taillights. Driving the 2020 Passat will more than likely cause you to whisper softly to yourself that, “everything is illuminated.” For more reasons than one.

But looks aren’t everything. Read on for more information on the inside, outside, and technical side of the 2020 Volkswagen Passat.

New Midsize Sedan in Braintree, MA

Passenger Comfort in the 2020 Passat

One unique element of the 2020 Volkswagen Passat is its emphasis on interior comfort for all passengers. Though many vehicles heavily prioritize the comfort of the driver, VW has gone out of their way with the 2020 Passat to ensure that everyone inside keeps a huge smile perpetually plastered on their face.

The back seat boasts a full three feet of rear legroom, allowing those of all shapes and sizes to stretch their limbs. Two available USB ports adorn the back region, so that everyone can keep their devices charged. As they do so, they’ll be getting blasted (in a good way) by the rear air vents.

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Interior seating of a 2020 VW Passat
Red 2020 VW Passat takes a highway curve
Interior steering wheel and infotainment console of a 2020 VW Passat

Driver Comfort in the 2020 Passat

That’s not to say that the driver is neglected. Up front, you can enjoy available heated front seats for optimal relaxation. Handy technology takes worries off your mind, such as rain-sensing windshield wipers that sweep away peskily-placed water without you needing to lift an eyelash. And the self-dimming rearview mirror keeps glaring lights beamed by following vehicles out of your eyes.

Comfort for All in the 2020 Passat

The entire interior of the 2020 VW Passat exudes the aura of a well-crafted, exhilarating design. Seating surfaces can be outfitted with available V-Tex leatherette, which means you get the look and comfort of leather without that unpleasant element of lifeform slaughter. It’s stylish, comfortable, easy-to-maintain, and guilt-free.

The noble cause of democratic happiness is further boosted thanks to the available Climatronic® dual-zone climate control. Everyone can be soaked in the temperature they believe is right for them. Finally, let a little outdoor ambience into your ride with the available power sunroof, whether that means opening to the endless span of the night sky or a little dose of healthy daylight.