Fluid services

Types of fluids:

Oil is not the only fluid system that requires service, there are several fluids that are crucial to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Your Volkswagens brakes, power steering, thermal cooling, and windshield wipers all rely on fluids that will need to be refilled over time. If you are having car troubles or are unsure if you need service call our certified service technicians and we can determine what service you may need. 

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Windshield Washer Fluid:

You may have notice yellow caps under the hood of your vehicle these are the caps are for all the fluids that allow your car to operate at peak performance. Windshield washer fluid is exactly what it sounds like it is the fluid that sprays to help you clean any dirt or debris from your windshield.

Power Steering Fluid:

Your Volkswagens power steering system is dependent on fluid to make it easier for you to operate. With low power steering fluid you will notice it is harder to take turns  and you may hear high pitched screeching while in a turn. driving with low power steering fluid will also increase friction and cause more costly damage to your vehicle, the best way to avoid more costly repairs is to monitor your power steering fluid level and service it accordingly.

power steering fluid cap, power steering service, yellow cap.
Brake fluid service, yellow cap, brake fluid cap.

Brake Fluid:

Brakes also rely on fluid to make braking more effective, if you notice is is more difficult brake or it takes longer to slow down or come to a complete stop you may be low on brake fluid. Driving around with low brake fluid can cause increased wear on your brake system which can make it harder to avoid a collision. If you are unsure whether or not  you need service contact one of our certified service technicians to schedule an appointment. 

Engine Coolant:

Your vehicles coolant system is responsible for managing the heat of your engine, this keeps your vehicle at peak performance. Without coolant you'll notice higher engine temperatures, worse fuel economy, and higher emissions, to avoid this inspect your coolant levels often and be sure to schedule a service appointment before damage occurs.

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Differential Fluid

Your vehicles differential uses fluid to reduce friction and prolong the lifespan of the gears inside. With low or old fluid in your differential gear you may hear a grinding or clanking while driving this is a good sign that you should schedule service before your differential is left inoperable.