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If you're driving with low or dirty oil your vehicle could experience poor performance and worse fuel efficiency. Regularly scheduled oil services can improve your Volkswagens lifespan and aid in avoiding costly repairs in the future. whether you need new oil, a new filter, or repairs our certified service technicians will provide professional service to get your car back on the road.

When to schedule service

Its Important to service your vehicle before permanent damage occurs, Without an oil change your Volkswagen could experience Costly engine damage or even engine failure. Your vehicle may have a Oil Life Monitoring system that will notify you when its time to check or change your oil, if not check your Volkswagens manual to see the recommended procedure. You can also take advantage of VW care which offers pre-paid scheduled maintenance for your Volkswagen.

Service Xpress

It can be difficult to find the time to service you Volkswagen, to help you we offer Volkswagen Service Xpress. Using Service Xpress you'll receive the same professional service from our certified service technicians without the need for an appointment. Click the link to learn more about Volkswagen Service Xpress. 

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Signs your vehicle needs service

Oil stains, oil puddles, Oil leak, oil change.




Oil pressure can lead to engine damage

A low oil level will eventually cause permanent damage to your Volkswagens engine due to high amounts of friction. Alternatively low oil pressure can be caused by low oil level or a oil pump malfunction and also lead to engine damage. If your oil pressure light comes on and stays on bring your vehicle in for a service check to avoid paying for larger repairs in the future. 





An oil leak can lead to costly repairs

If you find oil stains under you Volkswagen it could be a sign that your Volkswagen has a oil leak. oil leaks can be caused by worn out or broken parts and often lead to larger issues if left untreated. When you bring your Volkswagen in we'll identify your issue and work quickly to get your vehicle back on the road.

check oil light, oil pressure light, oil level light.